A brief introduction

Nina Jon is the author of the  newly-released Magpie Murders – a series of short murder mysteries with  a Cluedo-esque   element.

She is also the author of Jane Hetherington’s Adventures in Detection crime and mystery series, which takes place over the first twelve months of Jane Hetherington’s new career as a sleuth.

This is Nina’s webpage.  Its aim is to introduce her novels to potential readers by giving them an insight into the storylines, characters and the series itself.

(None of the blogs posted on this page will give the game away nor tell you whodunnit!)

both the Magpie Murders and the Jane Hetherington’s Adventures in Detection series are available from Amazon (e-book & paperback).

To buy or sample any of the series, please link through:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B007N33HUC  (UK)

https://www.amazon.com/author/ninajonbooks (US)



Quotes from The One with Murder in Paradise

We must marry on Blackstone Island, and hold the reception at the Blackstone Hotel. Your mother would never forgive us otherwise. I can’t believe Blanche has invited Black to her wedding! She said he’s in our lives for the long haul, and the wedding is our chance to mend fences. Oh – we’ll just carry…

Quotes from The One Without the Body

I heard a car hoot. The Magpie badge on its front bumper, identified its owner as Detective Inspector Magpie of London’s Scotland Yard – Magpie of the Yard. “Magpie!” I hadn’t seen the Magpie since he’d solved The One with Cyanide and Chocolate – a murder most foul if ever there was one. A wealthy…

Quotes from The One with Chocolate and Cyanide

Who knows – he might not survive the weekend, leaving us free to marry. If Uncle Indigo fell off that, he’d never survive. Falling under one of those trains, wouldn’t do your Uncle Indigo a lot of good either. I fear that one day he’ll remind me that without him we would have nothing, once…

Quotes from The One with the Body which Floated On By

Sit by the riverbank long enough and the bodies of your enemies float on by! (Ancient Chinese proverb) … the body emerged from under the bridge… It’s Indigo Black! Someone has finally done for that fiend at last… Should we call the police, or just chuck him back in? A body’s been retrieved from the…

Quotes from The Body in the Art Deco Library

I was stony broke. Absolutely on my beam end. Tell me about this Magpie. Big brained is he? He collates pieces of information. Bits of an overheard conversation, objects, footprints, contradictions, anything out of place and uses it to rebuild the events as they played out. If not ambition – what motivates him? Partly the…

The Magpie Murders – Omnibus Edition

The Magpie Murders – Omnibus Edition – containing all five short stories is now available as a paperback on Amazon as well as an e-book. Only 99 cents (76 pence) if purchased with the Kindle edition.


I won’t beat about the bush – the scene was Veery Eyrie. The body of the deceased, Black Bird, was spread-eagled on the aviary floor. A Toucanet was around his neck, a dead Parrot stuck out of his mouth. I Finched. This was rotten carrion if I ever soar it. Detective Inspector Magpie took in…


The first five short stories in one edition. Who murdered Indigo Black in the **** with the ****? Colonel Jocquin Colman? Mme Sapphire Azure? Professor Mauvino Mulberry? Mrs Blanche Alabaster? The Reverend Malachi Khaki? Ms Scarletta Crimson? Dr Gray? Some equally shady character? This is the question Detective Inspector Magpie of Scotland Yard, and his…

The Magpie Murders (5) –The One With Murder In Paradise

A group of young people arrive at Blackstone Island for a wedding. The bride’s mother believed it was the perfect opportunity to mend fences, but over dinner that first evening she realises she’s made a terrible mistake by inviting Indigo Black. Terrified something terrible is going to happen, she invites Detective Inspector Magpie of Scotland…

The Magpie Murders (4) – The One Without The Body

Indigo Black writes to each of his beloved stepchildren, inviting them to lunch at Blackstone Manor the next day, where he has an important announcement to make. Just what that announcement is, his invitation doesn’t say. When they arrive, Detective Inspector Magpie of Scotland Yard is already there, alongside sidekick Sepia Brown. Why so? Because…